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The Part-Time Course

If you have a strong desire to become a teacher, but are put off by the many commitments in your life, then a part-time route could be for you. Our part-time course is aimed at candidates who are keen to take on a reduced workload for their training, allowing them to balance their path into teaching alongside family life or other commitments.

Part-time trainees will receive a very similar experience to the full-time trainees, but spread over the two academic years. Call our friendly team for a chat, or drop us a line, if you think this could be the option for you.

You can read more detailed information about our part-time courses by downloading the booklet at the bottom of this page.

Here are testimonials from two of our fantastic part-time trainees:

Rosemary Harvey, part-time MFL trainee (2020-2022) currently placed at Helena Romanes School, Dunmow

"I had been thinking about moving into teaching for quite a while, but I was concerned about embarking on a full-time teacher training course with two young children at home. After my first visit to Mid-Essex for an informal coffee and chat, I had a really good feeling about them. It wasn’t just that it was possible to do the course part-time, but that they were positive about this option and had a clear way to structure the course and make it work on a part-time basis.

"Training part-time has worked well for me, as it makes the workload manageable. I feel that I have time to complete the reading, assignments and lesson planning properly without having to sacrifice family time at the weekend. I also feel that I am lucky to have the opportunity to complete my training more gradually over a two-year period as it gives me more time to take on board the many different aspects of the job!"

Robin Weiland, part-time MFL trainee (2020-2022) currently placed at Honywood School, Coggeshall

"As a mother of three young children, the part-time route at MEITT made teacher training a possibility for me.

"Mid Essex have provided consistent support and accommodations for me throughout this first year of training. I was able to choose the days that work best for me and adjust fortnightly assignment due dates to suit my needs and schedule. The team at MEITT are always willing to consider each individual's needs, and make adjustments as necessary.

"It has been a complicated year for everyone but I feel that they have promoted self-care and have made an effort to provide support and encouragement the whole way through."