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Course Overview

(Curriculum intent for Maths)

The Mathematics ITT programme seeks to develop resilient, reflective and ambitious teachers of Mathematics who are research engaged and always looking at ways to adapt and develop their teaching so as to create a classroom environment that stimulates and engages learners and promotes a lifelong love of Mathematics.

As a result, it is intended that Mathematics trainee teachers will be able to:

  • Develop their subject knowledge to a depth and breadth that enables them to teach their subject at KS3-KS4 with confidence and competence
  • Understand the pedagogy of their subject and be both deliberate and judicious in their choice of methods and approaches
  • Be able of the curriculum requirements for the age range they teach and have awareness of how content is chosen to be broad, balanced and deliberately sequenced
  • Understand how learning happens in their subject and be able to use a range of approaches to ensure that knowledge is more likely to be retained
  • Learn about the statutory assessment arrangements for mathematics and be able to guide and prepare students for both internal and external assessment
  • Anticipate and address common misconceptions within planning and lesson delivery
  • Develop students’ hinterland knowledge and intellectual curiosity
  • Use a wide range of subject terminology and be aware of strategies to help students use these terms for themselves
  • Provide learners with actionable, motivational and manageable subject specific feedback in order for them to make progress in their learning
  • Create classroom climates that are inclusive for all learners regardless of ability or background through an awareness of potential barriers to learning and how to overcome these
  • Learn how to activate hard thinking in their subject as a result of a deliberate approach to structuring, explaining, questioning, interacting and embedding knowledge

Entry Requirements


A degree in Maths or a related subject, at class 2:2 or above
Maths and English GCSE at grade 4/C or above


Involvement with young people in some capacity
An awareness of issues in Maths Education

Reading List

Below are the essential texts you should read:
  • How I wish I’d Taught Maths - Craig Barton
  • Reflect, Expect, Check, Explain - Craig Barton
  • A Compendium of Mathematical Methods - Jo Morgan
  • Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students' Potential through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching – Jo Boaler
The following texts are not essential reading but are fantastic for mathematical interest:
  • Maths Recess – Sunil Singh
  • Infinite Powers – Stephen Strogatz
  • Maths with Bad Drawings – Ben Orlin
  • Change is the Only Constant – Ben Orlin
  • Maths Games with Bad Drawing – Ben Orlin
  • Hello World – Hannah Fry
  • How to bake π – Eugenia Cheng
  • X + Y:  A mathematician’s manifesto for rethinking gender – Eugenia Cheng
  • Math Girls (Books 1-6 all on different topics) – Hiroshi Yuki
  • 17 Equations that Changed the Word – Ian Stewart
  • The Music of the Primes – Marcus Du Sautoy
  • Thinking Better:  The Art of the Shortcut – Marcus Du Sautoy
  • Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension – Matt Parker
  • Humble Pi – Matt Parker
  • The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets – Simon Singh

Course Funding

if eligible, trainee teachers in 2024-2025 will receive a bursary of £28,000 to train in Maths.

To find out more about financing your teacher training, click here

Course Codes

QTS with PGCE, full time or part time, 2B2V

QTS full time - C302